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The Silent Experience.

What is the Silent Experience?

User-controlled Experience: With an adjustable dial located on each pair of headphones, listeners can choose what they listen to and at what volume.


A New Twist on Social Networking: Without having to talk over loud music, networking becomes easier and more social. Just spot someone with the same color headphones, grab their hand, take a selfie and dance!

A Little Silence Goes A Long Way: The Silent Experience is a great value for any budget and will keep guests raving long after the party ends.


Party Packages

Ultra comfort, bright LED-light headphone rentals turns your event into The Silent Experience!

Private Events

Business Events


How it works 

Create your silent party in 4 simple steps.


You submit a booking request


We give you a call to confirm


You complete the



We provide the headphones

Need help planning your silent party?

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